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Who are we?



We are an NGO that was established on 17th October 2009, whose founders are all members of a family from Malaga who, after collaborating with other organizations for many years, felt an increasing concern to help families in need.

They knew that Indochina and, particularly Myanmar (formerly Burma) had a high poverty rate due to the closing of its borders by the international embargo for more than 40 years ago due the reigning regime in the country. They decided to travel to the country and see it themselves.



Indeed, the country was desolate although its cultural past is marvellous. The underdevelopment is deplorable, their poverty rate being one of the highest in the world. People, most of them Buddhist are resigned and hang on due to their particular way of being. They saw that they couldn’t change the economical and political situation in Burma, but they could help the children to have a basic education and help them in this way to have a better future.

Escolaridad Solidaria has origins in Malaga (Spain) but has been set up since the beginning by different Volunteers both in Spain and Burma.

Inspired by this Volunteering spirit, they established clear action lines in their bylaws as well as in their method of working.

We started by receiving help from friends and family, later on from clients and companies and step by step, more collaborators have joined us. All of them being volunteers, willing to help us in an altruist way, sharing the same concerns and solidarity spirit. 

Our philosophy: we are all volunteers in Spain and Burma and any country that we wish to help in the future.

We don’t have any remunerated staff; neither do the managers receive any remuneration.

No tenemos personal a nuestro cargo, ni se retribuye a los órganos directivos.

In Myanmar, we rely on various local collaborators in Burma: our eyes and hands on site.

In Burma, the government constructs some of the schools but a large number of them are insufficient to give education to all children. In order to enter these schools, parents have to pay a registration fee, a fee that many parents cannot afford to pay. The result is that many children cannot go to any school at all. Many families, especially more in the rural countryside, have only two solutions: either children don’t go to school or they are lucky to enter a Buddhist Monastery without charge. However, monasteries lack school equipment (notebooks, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, etc) and studying without any material is just impossible. There is also a lack of professors, and those who do teach are also volunteers. After seeing on site the children of Burma, their educations and schools, we started to organize this NGO with the specific aim to help children in Myanmar, to meet costs of education and the supply of the basic necessary school equipment in order for them to have an education.

Development and current situation.-

Escolaridad Solidaria ONG is a private and independent non-profit organization, where we are all volunteers. We have no staff working at our service and the Board of Directors does not receive any remuneration for their work.

Our intention is that anyone who can collaborate, who feels concern for these topics, can do so; if not in one way, in another. But we are sure that anyone can help, everyone has something to contribute. All together we can help these children have a basic education.

Come and join us as a Volunteer Collaborator. The more we have, the more we can help.

Education is an indispensable requirement for these children to have a better future. Without basic education, they will never be able to achieve economical, social or health development

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We are proud to announce that as from 31/12/2010 60 volunteer collaborators form part of Escolaridad Solidaria NGO.

We all share the same concern and solidarity spirit.

Join us and if everyone does his bit, we can do a lot for these children.

If you read this website and you have not collaborated yet, please do not hesitate. We all have something to contribute with.

You can also join Escolaridad Solidaria.



As we have promised you on creating this website, we’ll keep you informed of the number of members of Escolaridad Solidaria NGO. We are proud to announce that as from today, we have 40 Volunteer Collaborators. Some make periodical economical contributions, others are companies that carry out their work free of charge in favour of the NGO in order to reach our goals and meet costs of school equipment for these children. But the most important contribution is your illusion and solidarity spirit.